Trophy Fish

I also do commissioned prints of your trophy fish. If you're interested, contact me for a quote. I can do the initial print in 12-24 hours, so that you can eat your fish while still fresh.

For best results, supply your fish whole (not gutted, nor scaled) in an ice slurry. Feel free to connect before you head out on a big trip to give me a head's up, or call me while you're still in the boat: +61 414 600 560. I'm based in Sydney's Northern Beaches.

Here are some examples of commissions for fisherman around the world who've wanted a trophy of their prized catch.

Snapper, with colour detail

Print My Fish Ball Snapper 

Seddo's Bream

Print My Fish Bream


Blue Swimmer Crabs

Print My Fish Crabs


Flying Fish, Tsukiji fish market, Japan

Print My Fish Flying Fish


Barramundi, a wedding present for a client in Kununarra

Print My Fish In the Bush


Mahi Mahi, Kaina-man Oahu, Hawaii

Print My Fish Mahi Mahi


Octopus, for client in Ventura, USA

Print My Fish Octopus


Pacific Grouper, for a client in Iowa, USA

Print My Fish Pacific Grouper


Lunar tail big-eye, for an American client

Print My Fish Red Fish


Snapper, Red October 2015 2nd placegetter

Print My Fish Red October


Blue Marlin, Western Australia

Print My Fish Swordfish